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2012 | 122 | 6 | 1026-1028
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Electrostatic Gates for GaN/AlGaN Quantum Point Contacts

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We report on AlGaN/GaN quantum point contacts fabricated by using e-beam lithography and dry ion etching. The tunable nano-constrictions are defined by the integration of side and top gates in a single device. In this configuration, the planar gates are located on the both sides of a quantum channel and the metallic top gates, which cover the active region, are separated from the substrate by an insulating and passivating layers of HfO_2 or Al_2O_3/HfO_2 composite. The properties of devices have been tested at T = 4.2 K. For side gates we have obtained a very small surface leakage current I_g< 10^{-11} A at gate voltages |V_g| < 2 V, however, it is not enough to close the quantum channel. With top gates we have been able to reach the pinch-off voltage at V_g = - 3.5 V at a cost of I_g ≈ 10^{-6} A, which has been identified as a bulk leakage current.
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