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2012 | 122 | 6 | 984-987
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MBE Growth and Characterization of a III-V Distributed Bragg Reflectors and InAs Quantum Dots

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We describe the realization and characterization of a distributed Bragg reflectors and InAs quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The distributed Bragg reflectors are based on a stack of eight or twenty pairs of GaAs and AlAs layers with a stopband centered at about E_0=1.24 eV (λ_0=1000 nm). The whole structures exhibit a reflectivity coefficient above 90%. The growth rate was monitored in situ by measurement of the oscillations of the thermal emission intensity. The investigations conducted on the InAs quantum dots grown on GaAs show photoluminescence around E=1.25 eV (λ=990 nm). The combination of these two elements results in the realization of a microcavity containing InAs quantum dots and surrounded by 20 pairs of distributed Bragg reflectors.
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