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2012 | 121 | 1 | 240-242
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Gas Sensing Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Modified with Calixarene Molecules Measured by QCM Techniques

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This study focuses on the characterization and optimization of calixarene modified carbon nanotube thin films for gas detection. Calixarene molecules were synthesized individually by considering their functional groups to attract the gas. Calixarene modified carbon nanotube based sensors were fabricated using drop-casting method on a quartz crystal microbalance gold electrode. Carbon monoxide, carbondioxide, oxygen and dry air were used as active gases for adsorption process, while high-purity nitrogen gas was used for desorption process. The selectivity and sensitivity of calixarene modified carbon nanotube are investigated in detail. Our experimental results show that functional calixarene modified carbon nanotube coated quartz crystal microbalance sensors are very sensitive and selective to gas of CO_2 at room temperature operation.
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