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2011 | 120 | 6A | A-76-A-79
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Technology of Ultrathin NbN and NbTiN Films for Superconducting Photodetectors

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We report fabrication and characterization of ultrathin NbN and NbTiN films designed for superconducting photodetectors. Our NbN and NbTiN films were deposited on Al_2O_3 and Si single-crystal wafers by a high-temperature, reactive magnetron sputtering method and, subsequently, annealed at 1000°C. The best, 18 nm thick NbN films deposited on sapphire exhibited the critical temperature of 15.0 K and the critical current density as high as ≈ 8 × 10^6 A/cm^2 at 4.8 K.
Physical description
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