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2011 | 120 | 6A | A-22-A-24
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High Quality Gate Insulator/GaN Interface for Enhancement-Mode Field Effect Transistor

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The capacitance-voltage measurements were applied for characterization of the semiconductor/dielectric interface of GaN MOS capacitors with SiO_2 and HfO_2/SiO_2 gate stacks. From the Terman method low density of interface traps (D_{it} ≈ 10^{11} eV^{-1} cm^{-2}) at SiO_2/GaN interface was calculated for as-deposited samples. Samples with HfO_2/SiO_2 gate stacks have higher density of interface traps as well as higher density of mobile charge and effective charge in the dielectric layers. High quality of SiO_2/GaN interface shows applicability of SiO_2 as a gate dielectric in GaN MOSFET transistors.
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