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2011 | 120 | 4 | 705-708
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Investigations of Quantum Cascade Lasers for Free Space Optics Operating at the Wavelength Range of 8-12 μm

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The paper presents analysis and preliminary investigations of quantum cascade lasers for free space optics. The lasers radiate in the long wavelength IR spectral range (8-12 μm). Because of lower effects of radiation scattering than in the case of 1.5 μm free space optics, better transmission range can be obtained. The main task of the work was experimental investigation of quantum cascade lasers taking into consideration free space optics applications. In the research, quantum cascade lasers operating in both pulse and continuous wave modes were used. The lasers spectra as well as the operation characteristics (e.g. voltage vs. current) were measured. In conclusion, the quantum cascade lasers parameters for free space optics system applications are summarized.
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