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2011 | 120 | 1 | 204-207
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Nanocrystal- and Dislocation-Related Luminescence in~Si Matrix with InAs Nanocrystals

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We have studied the influence of ion implantation and post-implantation annealing regimes on the structural and optical properties of silicon matrix with ion-beam synthesized InAs nanocrystals. (100) Si wafers were implanted at 25 and 500°C, subsequently with high fluences of As and In ions. After implantation the samples were processed by furnace and rapid thermal annealing at 900, 950 and 1050°C. A part of the samples implanted at 25°C was additionally exposed to H_2^{+} ions (100 keV, 1.2 × 10^{16} cm^{-2} in terms of atomic hydrogen). This procedure was performed to obtain an internal getter. In order to characterize the implanted samples transmission electron microscopy and low-temperature photoluminescence techniques were employed. It was demonstrated that by introducing getter, varying the ion implantation temperature, ion fluences and post-implantation annealing duration, and temperature it is possible to form InAs nanocrystals in the range of sizes of 2-80 nm and create various concentration and distribution of different types of secondary defects. The last ones cause in turn the appearance in photoluminescence spectra dislocation-related D1, D2 and D4 lines at 0.807, 0.870 and 0.997 eV, respectively.
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