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2011 | 120 | 1 | 196-199
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Properties of Si:V Annealed under Enhanced Hydrostatic Pressure

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It is known that processing of silicon implanted with vanadium, Si:V, at high temperature-pressure, HT-HP, can lead to magnetic ordering within the V-enriched area. New data concerning structure of Si:V (prepared using V^{+} doses, D = (1-5) × 10^{15} cm^{-2}, and energy, E = 200 keV), as implanted and processed for up to 10 h at HT ≤ 1400 K under enhanced hydrostatic pressure, HP ≤ 1.1 GPa, are presented. In effect of implantation, amorphous (a-Si) area is produced near range of implanted species. Transmission electron microscopy, secondary ion mass spectrometry, X-ray, and synchrotron methods were used for sample characterisation. At HT-HP the a-Si layer is subjected to solid phase epitaxial re-growth. Depending on HP, distinct solid phase epitaxial re-growth and formation of VSi_2 are observed at HT ≥ 720 K. HP applied at processing results in the improved solid phase epitaxial re-growth in Si:V. This can be related, among others, to the effect of HP on diffusivity of V^{+} and of implantation-induced point defects. Our results can be useful for development of the new family of diluted magnetic semiconductors.
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