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2011 | 120 | 1 | 115-117
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Influence of Xe^{+} Irradiation on Topography and Wettability of Graphite Surface

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The investigation of influence of Xe^{+} ions irradiation of graphite on its surface topography and wettability was conducted. With the increase of the irradiation dose, the roughness average increases rapidly at first (when the sample was irradiated at the dose of 1 × 10^{14} cm^{-2}) and then decreases slowly. The atomic force microscopy three-dimensional pictures showed that after irradiation of graphite of Xe^{+} ions with a dose of 3 × 10^{15} cm^{-2} hemispherical grains (from 0.2 to 0.8 μm in diameter) appear on its surface. Surface water contact angle measurement showed that irradiation of graphite by Xe^{+} ions leads to a hydrophobic surface of graphite. We have observed that irradiation of graphite by Xe^{+} ions can be used for obtaining graphite surface with desirable topography and water wettability.
  • Belarussian State Pedagogical University, 18 Sovetskaja, 220050 Minsk, Belarus
  • Belarussian State Pedagogical University, 18 Sovetskaja, 220050 Minsk, Belarus
  • Lublin University of Technology, Nadbystrzycka 38d, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
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