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2011 | 120 | 1 | 70-74
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Comprehensive Analysis of Ion Beam Induced Stainless Steel Surface Morphology

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Surface morphology, one of the various physical properties modified by ion beam irradiation, is usually characterized by well known and very often investigated surface topography and surface roughness. The paper presents two additional aspects of surface morphology modification (called by the author: profile variability and surface morphology arrangement) that seem to be good complementary indicators of morphology changes. Surface micro- and nanotopographies were observed by means of scanning electron and near-field microscopes. High quality profilograph and atomic force microscope were utilised to measure main selected roughness parameters (based on the well known surface profiles). To detect any profile shape alteration during ion beam bombardment fractal analysis was used, and especially fractal dimension D that can give information about a rate p_{v} of profile shape variability. Surface morphology arrangement, i.e. a question whether it is random or determined, was studied with the use of frequency plots resulting from harmonic analysis of profiles. Surface topographies, selected roughness parameters, fractal dimensions and frequency plots relating to stainless steel of 1H18N9T (made in Poland) bombarded with perpendicular (Θp = 0°) as well as very inclined (Θp = 85-87°) beam were examined. Low energy (0.8 keV) broad argon ion beam and neutralized narrow argon or krypton ion beams (up to 6 keV) were used in the experiments.
  • Wrocław University of Technology, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland
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