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2011 | 120 | 1 | 43-45
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Formation of Noncoil-Like Inductance in Nanocomposites (Fe_{0.45}Co_{0.45}Zr_{0.10})_{x}(Al_2O_3)_{1-x} Manufactured by Ion-Beam Sputtering of Complex Targets in Ar+O_2 Atmosphere

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This paper investigates the inductive contribution to AC conductance in the granular nanocomposites (Fe_{0.45}Co_{0.45}Zr_{0.10})_{x}(Al_2O_3)_{1-x}. The initial nanocomposites studied were manufactured in Ar+O_2 atmosphere by ion-beam sputtering of the target containing Fe_{0.45}Co_{0.45}Zr_{0.10} and alumina stripes and then subjected to the annealing procedure in air over the temperature range 373 K < T_{a} < 873 K. These samples, before and after annealing, were studied using the temperature 77 K < T_{p} < 300 K and frequency 50 Hz < f < 1 MHz dependences of a real part of the admittance σ(T, f). Analysis of the observed σ (f, T_{p}) dependences for x < 0.5 demonstrated that in the studied samples the equivalent circuits with the capacitive and noncoil-like inductive contributions can be accomplished. Just in this case, the capacitive properties of RLC circuit with the phase angle - 90° ≤ θ_{L} < 0° are exhibited at low frequencies and the inductive properties with 0° ≤ θ_{H} < 90° become apparent at high frequencies. A value of the critical frequency f_{R}, where θ_{H} changes sign, depends on the metallic phase concentration x, measuring temperature T_{p}, and annealing temperature T_{a}.
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