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2011 | 119 | 3 | 424-427
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Pseudomagnetic Moment in Graphene in Time-Dependent Electric Field

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We study the dynamics of graphene ring in the presence of time-dependent electric field, where the Dirac particles in graphene ring interact with external electromagnetic fields. Using the Dirac Hamiltonian in electromagnetic field, we obtain the pseudomagnetic moment of the Dirac particles around a graphene ring. It is shown that the appeared pseudomagnetic moment term essentially can be in control by time-dependent electric field, and also it depends on the energy gap of graphene. It seems that one can construct a logic system in graphene and also in semiconductors by the pseudomagnetic moment term.
  • Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Urmia University, P.O. Box 165, Urmia, Iran
  • Department of Physics, Payame Noor University, Bijar, Iran
  • Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Urmia University, P.O. Box 165, Urmia, Iran
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