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2011 | 119 | 1 | 15-17
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Mössbauer Studies of Core-Shell Nanoparticles.

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The ferrite magnetic nanoparticles with core-shell structures were obtained in two step preparation process. The Mössbauer spectra obtained for particles of pure maghemite or magnetite and two layered core-shell one the magnetite on maghemite and maghemite on magnetite are very different from each other. The presented results show that interparticle and intraparticle interaction plays important role in overall magnetic properties as well.
  • Institute of Chemistry, University of Białystok, Hurtowa 1, 15-399 Białystok, Poland
  • Institute of Chemistry, University of Białystok, Hurtowa 1, 15-399 Białystok, Poland
  • Department of Physics, University of Białystok, Lipowa 41, 15-424 Białystok, Poland
  • Helmholtz - Centre Berlin, Glinker Strasse 100, Berlin, Germany
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