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2010 | 118 | 2 | 331-335
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Structure and Superconductivity of FeSe_{1 - x} and FeTe_{1 - y}Se_{y} Crystals: Dependence on the Synthesis Methods, Starting Composition, and Growth Conditions

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Syntheses of superconducting iron chalcogenides FeSe_{1 - x} (x = 0-0.15) and FeTe_{1 - y}Se_{y} (y = 0.3-0.55) were performed. Superconducting phase of iron selenide was obtained by the solid-state reaction and from liquid phase. The highest values of critical temperature (T_c = 8.2-8.7 K) exhibit FeSe_{1-x} obtained by the crystallization from a melt with excess of iron less than 1 mol%. The samples from a melt contain up to 78% of tetragonal phase, as estimated by the X-ray diffraction. Lattice parameters and unit cell volume for the samples exhibiting highest T_{c} and sharpest transition to superconducting state are limited to narrow range, with c/a ratio close to 1.469. The samples with excess of selenium contain higher amount of hexagonal phase than stoichiometric one. Superconducting single-crystalline samples of FeTe_{1 - y}Se_{y} (up to 100% of tetragonal phase) were obtained using Bridgman's method. When y value increases, the volume of unit cell decreases. The critical temperature T_{c} changes from ≈ 11.5 K for y ≈ 0.3 to ≈ 14.7 K for y ≈ 0.5.
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