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2010 | 118 | 2 | 283-288
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Electromagnetic Response in Kinetic Energy Driven Superconductivity: the Meissner Effect

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Electromagnetic response of cuprate superconductors is studied within the model of kinetic energy driven d-wave superconductivity by analyzing the Meissner effect. The kernel of the linear response function is found and employed to calculate the magnetic field penetration depth and the superfluid density of cuprate superconductors within the specular reflection model for a purely transverse vector potential. It is shown that the magnetic field penetration depth and the superfluid density depend linearly on temperature, except for a strong deviation from the linear characteristics at extremely low temperatures, which is attributed to nonlocal effects. The zero-temperature superfluid density is found to decrease linearly with decreasing doping concentration in the underdoped regime. The problem of gauge invariance in the theoretical description of the electromagnetic response is addressed, and an approximation which does not violate local charge conservation is proposed.
Physical description
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