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2010 | 117 | 4 | 557-561
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Dielectric and Electrooptic Investigations of B Phases οf Banana-Shaped Thioesters

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Electrooptic and dielectric measurements were done for B phases of two banana-shaped homologues 1,3-phenylene bis{4-[(4-nonylo-xy-benzoyl)sulfanyl]benzoate (9OSOR) and 1,3-phenylene bis{4-[(4-dodecylo-xy-benzoyl)sulfanyl]benzoate (12OSOR). Polarizing microscopy allowed to identify B_{1} phase for 9OSOR and B_{2} phase for 12OSOR on the basis of texture observation. Spontaneous polarization measurements were performed using reversal current method. The current response to applied triangular voltage shows that B_{1} phase is a ferroelectric and B_{2} phase - antiferroelectric one for which two well separated peaks were observed. Polarization for phase B_{1} of 9OSOR is rather small and its temperature dependence is unusual for ferroelectric liquid crystals - it increases with temperature. Spontaneous polarization for B_{2} phase of 12OSOR compound is of about 600 nC/cm^{2}. Dielectric spectra measured with bias field for B_{2} phase of 12OSOR show two well separated relaxation processes. In the low frequency range the relaxation process is connected with fluctuations of ferroelectric domains. The relaxation process in the high frequency range appearing also without bias field is connected with molecular reorientation. The dielectric spectra measured for B_{1} phase of 9OSOR with and without bias voltage showed only one dielectric relaxation process connected with molecular reorientation around the short axis.
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