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2009 | 116 | 1 | 75-77
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Raman Scattering from ZnSe Nanolayers

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A series of ZnSe single layers having thickness between 30 nm and 1 μm was deposited on c-Si and glass substrates at room substrate temperature. Thermal evaporation of ZnSe powder in high vacuum has been applied. Moreover, SiO_x/ZnSe periodic multilayers prepared by the same deposition technique and having ZnSe layer thickness of 2 and 4 nm have been studied. Raman spectra were measured at 295 K, using the 442 nm line of a He-Cd laser as well as different lines of the Ar^+ or Ar^+/Kr^+ lasers. The observed Raman features have been related to multiple optical phonon (1LO to 4LO) light scattering and connected with the existence of randomly oriented crystalline ZnSe grains in both ZnSe single layers and ZnSe layers of the multilayers. Relatively large line width ( ≈ 15 cm^{-1}) of the 1LO band has been observed and related to lattice distortion in the crystalline grains and existence of amorphous phase in the layers thinner than 100 nm. The Raman spectra measured on both ZnSe single layers and SiO_x/ZnSe multilayers using the 488 nm line with a gradually increased laser beam power indicate an increased crystallinity at high irradiation levels.
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