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2009 | 115 | 6 | 1034-1036
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Novel Modulator Topology for Corona Plasma Generation

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Gas cleaning using plasma technology is slowly introduced into industry nowadays. Several challenges still have to be overcome: increasing the scale, safety, life-time and reducing costs. In 2006 we demonstrated a 20 kW nanosecond pulsed corona system. The electrical efficiency was > 90%. O-radical yields were found to be very high (3-7 mole/kWh). However, to be competitive, high costs of the pulsed power technology are still a major hurdle. Here we present a novel modulator for efficient generation of large volume corona plasma. Only a small amount of expensive high-voltage components are required. Switching is done at an intermediate voltage level of 1 kV with standard thyristors. At the high-voltage side, only a diode and a pulse transformer are needed. The estimated costs are about 5 kEuro/kW, whereas for state-of-the-art pulsed power technology these costs usually are about 20-30 kEuro/kW. Detailed investigations on the modulator and a wire-plate corona reactor will be presented. Modulator parameters have been varied systematically as well as reactor parameters (number of electrodes, electrode-plate distance). The O-radical yield was determined from the measured ozone concentrations at the exhaust of the reactor. With a detailed kinetic model, ozone concentrations could be calculated back to the initial O*-yields. The following conclusions will be discussed: for all parameters, an electrical efficiency of > 90% could be obtained. With fast imaging, the average streamer width was found to be ∼ 737 μm and an estimate for the plasma volume was made. The obtained yields of O-radicals (1-4 mole/kWh) are excellent. The conditions to obtain high yields will be discussed.
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