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2008 | 114 | 6A | A-27-A-32
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Thermal Wave Measurements with a Mirage Detection for Investigation of Thermal Diffusivity of GdCa_4O(BO_3)_3 Single Crystals

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Single crystals of GdCa_4O(BO_3)_3 were examined to determine their thermal properties. Samples were grown by the Czochralski pulling technique. There were three types of samples: a pure crystal, the crystal doped with neodymium (4 at.% of Nd), and the third one doped with ytterbium (7 at.% of Yb). All samples were rectangular prisms with edges parallel to the axes of the optical indicatrix X, Y, Z (principal axes). The thermal diffusivity was determined by means of the thermal wave method with the optical detection of the temperature disturbance based on a mirage effect. Experimental results showed anisotropy of the thermal diffusivity. The thermal diffusivity along Y direction has the highest value while values obtained in X and Z axes are much lower. Dopants cause decrease in the thermal diffusivity for all investigated directions.
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