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2008 | 113 | 1 | 489-493
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Effect of Pressure on Magnetic Properties of TM_3[Cr(CN)_6]_2 · nH_2O Nanoparticles

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Effect of pressure on magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles, based on Prussian blue analogues, were studied in pressures up to 1.2 GPa. The Mn_3[Cr(CN)_6]_2·nH_2O and Ni_3[Cr(CN)_6]_2·nH_2O nanoparticles were prepared by reverse micelle technique. Transmission electron microscopy images show nanoparticles with average diameter of about 3.5 nm embedded in an organic matrix. The characteristic X-ray peaks of nanoparticles are more diffused and broader. Systems of nanoparticles behave as systems of interacting magnetic particles. The Curie temperature T_C is reduced from T_C = 56 K for Ni-Prussian blue analogues to T_C = 21 K for Ni-nanoparticles system and from T_C = 65 K for Mn-Prussian blue analogues to T_C = 38 K for Mn-nanoparticles system. One can explain this reduction of the Curie temperature and of the saturated magnetizationμ_s by dispersion of nanoparticles in an organic matrix i.e. by a dilution effect. Applied pressure leads to a remarkable increase in T_C for system of Mn-nanoparticles (ΔT_C/Δp = +13 K/GPa) and to only slight decrease in T_C for system of Ni-nanoparticles (ΔT_C/Δp = -3 K/GPa). The pressure effect follows behavior of the mother Prussian blue analogues under pressure. The increase in saturated magnetization, attributed to compression of the organic matrix, is very small.
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