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2007 | 112 | 5 | 1031-1036
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Porous Silicon Avalanche LEDs and their Applications in Optoelectronics and Information Displays

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The use of silicon based light emitting diodes may completely solve the problem of low compatibility of optoelectronics elements and silicon chip. At present time the most suitable kinds of Si-LEDs are monocrystal and porous silicon avalanche LEDs. They have advantages such as long operation lifetime (>10000 hours), continuous spectrum, which allows to filter RGB colors, operation voltages (<12 V), extremely sharp voltage-current characteristic, nanosecond response time, and high high operation current densities (up to 8000 A/cm^2 in pulse mode). Rather low energy efficiency (<1%) is not so significant for near to eyes (NTE) microdisplays. These advantages open a way to design a high performance and cost effective passive addressed microdisplays.
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