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2006 | 109 | 4-5 | 457-463
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Solid Solutions of Oxide Crystals as Substrates for Epitaxial Layer Depositions

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We present results of investigation on growth of solid solution crystals with perovskites and K_2NiF_4 structures used as substrates for epitaxy. Perovskite single crystals with no twins and crystals with K_2NiF_4 structure with the lattice parameter in the range 3.876-3.819Å and 3.754 to 3.688Å, respectively, can be grown. Here preliminary results on investigation on growth of other solid solution crystals with the lattice constant from 3.946 to 3.688Å are also presented thus covering the whole interesting range for depositing oxide materials. These crystals can be grown by the Czochralski method that secures their high structural quality. Discussed crystals are resistant to reaction with the deposited oxide layers.
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