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2005 | 108 | 2 | 235-242
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EMR Study of Electronic and Magnetic Ordering in Doped CaMn_{1-x,y}M_{x,y}O_3 (M = Ru, Mo) Perovskites

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X-band electron magnetic resonance measurements of polycrystalline CaMn_{1-x,y}M_{x,y}O_3 (M = Ru, 0≤x≤0.5; M = Mo, 0≤y≤0.14) samples were performed at 120 K≤ T≤540 K. The observed anomalies of electron magnetic resonance parameters correlate pretty well with the temperatures of antiferro-, ferromagnetic-like, and orbital/charge-ordering transitions in these systems and specify phase diagrams obtained by other techniques. However, a strong difference between resonant properties of Ru- and Mo-doped series is observed in both paramagnetic and magnetically ordered states. To describe such a difference, the energy bands diagrams, which comprise the deep impurity t_{2g}-like states + e_g-like conductive band for CaMn_{1-x}Ru_xO_3 and shallow impurity states + conductive band, both having e_g-like symmetry, for CaMn_{1-y}Mo_yO_3, are proposed. Specific electrons' contribution to the electron magnetic resonance line width explains concentration and temperature dependences of this parameter in the paramagnetic state in considered systems.
Physical description
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