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2004 | 106 | 3 | 383-393
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Internal Transitions of Charged Excitons in AlGaAs/GaAs Lateral Fluctuation Quantum Dots

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Low temperature measurements of magneto-photoluminescence and optically detected resonance spectroscopy in magnetic fields up to 10~T were carried out on GaAs/Al_{0.3}Ga_{0.7}As quantum well samples grown by molecular beam epitaxy with lateral fluctuation quantum dots produced by growth interruption. Monolayer fluctuations of the quantum well width form lateral quantum dots for which confinement energies are less than Coulomb correlation energies. Five different width quantum wells (2.8-14.1 nm) were grown in a single sample, doped in the barriers with Si donors to allow for photoluminescence of both excitons and trions. We report studies of the optically detected resonance spectra associated with the ensemble photoluminescence of all of the wells including observation of bound-to-continuum internal transitions of trions, both singlet and triplet, and electron cyclotron resonance for the wider wells, which also show a clear bound-to-bound triplet transition. The latter is forbidden by magnetic translational invariance, but can be seen in these samples because this symmetry is broken by the lateral fluctuations, whose characteristic dimensions are greater than the trion orbit size. The two narrowest wells show strong broad optically detected resonance signals associated with inhomogeneously broadened internal transitions of the strongly correlated trions in the lateral dots. The optically detected resonance signals peak well below the calculated positions of electron cyclotron resonance. As expected for localized carriers and excitons, there is no free electron cyclotron resonance. We also present preliminary measurements of optically detected resonance spectra from a single dot.
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