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2004 | 106 | 3 | 287-298
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Oscillator Strengths for Neutral, Charged, and Scattered Excitons in CdTe Quantum Wells Containing a 2D Electron Gas

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Absorption spectra have been measured for a 10 nm CdTe(0.3%Mn) quantum well with electron concentration n_e variable up to 1.5×10^{11}cm^{-2}. Following recent theory appropriate to low n_e, here ≈0.1/π a_B^2, the spectra are interpreted in a "strong exciton" model, where the initial oscillator strength of the excitonic resonance (X) is conserved, with screening and phase-space filling effects negligible. As n_e increases in zero-field and as the filling factorν increases in magnetic field, the intensity of X is transferred to: (i) trion processes, namely exciton-one electron scattering and the trion resonance (T), and (ii) quatron processes, namely exciton-two electron scattering and trion-one electron scattering. In magnetic field, the three- and four-body scattering processes become discrete, combined "exciton and cyclotron" and combined "trion and cyclotron" excitations that take all the intensity of X and T for ν≾1 and ν>2, respectively.
Physical description
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