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2001 | 100 | 2 | 227-236
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Ferromagnetism in II-VI Based Semiconductor Structures

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The experimental results on carrier-induced ferromagnetic interaction in II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductors are shortly reviewed and analyzed in the light of the mean field approximation. We particularly take the point of view of the experimentalist to emphasize (i) points which are easily understood within this simple model (as the role of the detailed structure of the valence band) and hence should be incorporated into more sophisticated models, and (ii) points which are not taken into account in the mean field model (e.g., disorder effects) and hence call for more elaborate descriptions. We particularly discuss the case of a low carrier density, and show that the situation appears as experimentally very different in the highly disordered 3D layers and in the modulation doped 2D quantum wells.
Physical description
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