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2018 | 133 | 1 | 82-85
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Synthesis of Nanocrystalline BaCeO₃ by Oxalate Coprecipitation for YBa₂Cu₃O₇ Bulk Superconductors

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Barium cerate (BaCeO₃) is one of the preferred additions to bulk YBa₂Cu₃O₇ single-grain superconductors to inhibit the growth of Y₂BaCuO₅ particles. The present paper investigates synthesis of very fine barium cerate powder and its use in YBa₂Cu₃O₇ bulk superconductor growth. The crystalline barium cerate was synthesized by oxalate co-precipitation from barium and cerium nitrates. X-ray diffraction in air and vacuum was performed to understand the formation of barium cerate as well as to determinate its crystal structure. Size and shape of BaCeO₃ particles were studied by scanning electron microscopy. The BaCeO₃ was used to grow YBa₂Cu₃O₇ bulk superconductor. Microstructure of prepared YBa₂Cu₃O₇ crystal shows that the barium cerate in the final product is very fine and uniformly distributed throughout the whole YBa₂Cu₃O₇ crystal.
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  • Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Watsonova 47, Košice, Slovakia
  • Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Watsonova 47, Košice, Slovakia
  • Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Watsonova 47, Košice, Slovakia
  • Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Watsonova 47, Košice, Slovakia
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