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2018 | 65 | 1 | 9-15
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Tips for optimizing organ preservation solutions

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Organ injury during ischemia is one of the clinical problems of today's transplantation. It occurs during warm ischemia time (WIT) when the blood flow is cut off and during cold ischemia when a graft is chilled in situ until the circulation is restored to the recipient organism. Fast cooling of the organ slows down metabolism and activates intracellular enzymes, which minimizes the effects of warm ischemia. Unfortunately, hypothermia also results in inhibition of ATP synthesis, cell swelling and intracellular acidity. That is why research is continually being conducted to develop new fluids for rinsing and storing organs, as well as to optimize the composition of those that are already in use, which will allow for longer and more effective graft storage and restoration of their optimal functions after transplantation. This article provides current information on rinsing and storage fluids available on the global market. It also discusses tips for the fluid modifications with hormones and micronutrients.
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  • Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Chair of Applied Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine in Sosnowiec, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Chair of Applied Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine in Sosnowiec, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
  • "Biochefa" Pharmaceutical Research and Production Plant, Sosnowiec, Poland
  • "Biochefa" Pharmaceutical Research and Production Plant, Sosnowiec, Poland
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