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2015 | 62 | 3 | 613-619
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Localization and role of RAP55/LSM14 in HeLa cells: a new finding on the mitotic spindle assembly

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The MAP family includes large proteins like MAP-1A, MAP-1B, MAP-1C, MAP-2, and MAP-4 and smaller components like tau and MAP-2C. This article focuses on the relevant aspects of RAP55/LSM14 position with emphasis on its role in mitotic spindle formation and stability. In this context, the localization of RNA associated Protein 55kDa (RAP55/LSM14) during mitosis was identified as a Mitotic Spindle Protein (MSP). We found a new location obtained by expressing GFP-tagged proteins in HeLa Cells during mitosis that has never been previously reported. We demonstrated also, for the first time, that the depletion of RAP55/LSM14 destabilizes spindle assembly, stops cells in mitosis and induces many other cell cytoskeletal disorders. Finally, by using an "in vitro" assay investigation, we found that RAP55/LSM14 binds directly the tubulin and that is implicated in the process of the mitotic spindle stabilization, which is a novel discovery in this field of research.
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  • Inserm Unité 836, 38043 Grenoble, France
  • UR 12ES08, Signalisation Cellulaire et Pathologies, Faculté de Médecine Monastir, Université de Monastir, Tunisie
  • Inserm Unité 836, 38043 Grenoble, France
  • UR 12ES08, Signalisation Cellulaire et Pathologies, Faculté de Médecine Monastir, Université de Monastir, Tunisie
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