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2015 | 62 | 2 | 235-240
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Methyl jasmonate stimulates biosynthesis of 2-phenylethylamine, phenylacetic acid and 2-phenylethanol in seedlings of common buckwheat

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Methyl jasmonate has a strong effect on secondary metabolizm in plants, by stimulating the biosynthesis a number of phenolic compounds and alkaloids. Common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) is an important source of biologically active compounds. This research focuses on the detection and quantification of 2-phenylethylamine and its possible metabolites in the cotyledons, hypocotyl and roots of common buckwheat seedlings treated with methyl jasmonate. In cotyledons of buckwheat sprouts, only traces of 2-phenylethylamine were found, while in the hypocotyl and roots its concentration was about 150 and 1000-times higher, respectively. Treatment with methyl jasmonate resulted in a 4-fold increase of the 2-phenylethylamine level in the cotyledons of 7-day buckwheat seedlings, and an 11-fold and 5-fold increase in hypocotyl and roots, respectively. Methyl jasmonate treatment led also to about 4-fold increase of phenylacetic acid content in all examined seedling organs, but did not affect the 2-phenylethanol level in cotyledons, and slightly enhanced in hypocotyl and roots. It has been suggested that 2-phenylethylamine is a substrate for the biosynthesis of phenylacetic acid and 2-phenylethanol, as well as cinnamoyl 2-phenethylamide. In organs of buckwheat seedling treated with methyl jasmonate, higher amounts of aromatic amino acid transaminase mRNA were found. The enzyme can be involved in the synthesis of phenylpyruvic acid, but the presence of this compound could not be confirmed in any of the examined organs of common buckwheat seedling.
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  • Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Siedlce, Poland
  • Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland
  • Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland
  • Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland
  • Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Siedlce, Poland
  • Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Siedlce, Poland
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