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2015 | 62 | 1 | 139-150
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The nomenclature of 1-aminoalkylphosphonic acids and derivatives: evolution of the code system

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The approach for the unification of published proposals for the nomenclature and abbreviations of aminoalkylphosphonic acids and their derivatives is presented. Their modification was made on the basis of the IUPAC-IUB rules concerning the nomenclature and code system of proteinogenic amino acids. Our present proposal formulates the supplementary code and nomenclature system allowing unambiguous description of phosphonic analogs of proteinogenic amino acids, their analogs, homologs, metabolites, and derivatives including phosphonopeptides.
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  • Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Łódź, Poland
  • Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Rutgers University, New Jersey Medical School, NJ 07101, USA
  • Textile Research Institute, Łódź, Poland
  • Faculty of Chemistry, University of Lodz, Łódź, Poland
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