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2014 | 61 | 1 | 85-90
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Determination of lysosomal exoglycosidases in human saliva

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Background: Currently we observe a growing interest in human saliva as a non-invasive material for diagnosis and monitoring of general and oral diseases. Methods: The aim of our study was adaptation of the Marciniak et al. (Marciniak J, Zalewska A, Popko J, Zwierz K, 2006, Clin Chem Lab Med 44: 933-937) method for determination of HEX and GLU activity in synovial fluid, and for determination of: HEX and GLU, as well as MAN, GAL, and FUC activity in human saliva. Results: Under optimal conditions, 10 μl of saliva for HEX, and 30 μl for GLU, MAN, GAL and FUC, were sufficient for determination of human salivary exoglycosidases activity with variation coefficient ranging from 0.89 for GLU to 0.99 for GAL. Conclusion: The adapted method for exoglycosidases activity determination in human saliva is sufficiently sensitive and precise to use in clinical diagnosis.
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  • Medical Institute, College of Computer Science and Business Administration, Lomza, Poland
  • Department of Conservative Dentistry, Medical University in Bialystok, Poland
  • The Institute of Health Care, The Higher Vocational School, Suwalki, Poland
  • Department of Psychiatry, Medical University in Bialystok, Poland
  • Department of Conservative Dentistry, Medical University in Bialystok, Poland
  • Medical College of the Universal Education Society, Lomza, Poland
  • Medical College of the Universal Education Society, Lomza, Poland
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