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2014 | 61 | 4 | 829-832
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Factors affecting decision concerning influenza vaccination among students of medical faculties

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Influenza is one of the most common cyclic respiratory diseases in humans. Methods of prevention are multidirectional, but the most effective and most efficacious way to prevent influenza and its complications is through preventive vaccination. This work aims to determine different factors affecting the decision concerning influenza vaccine. The percentage of people vaccinated against the flu was evaluated, as well as their knowledge of post-influenza complications, etc. among full-time students and bridging studies of nursing and physiotherapy (full-time and part-time) at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Radom, and students of medicine and pharmacy at the Medical University of Łódź. The research tool was the authors' questionnaire with 18 questions. The surveys conducted, consisting of multiple choice questions, were anonymous. In total, the survey involved 470 students. Overall, the number of people who were vaccinated against influenza in the 2012/13 epidemic season numbered 15 respondents, representing 5.84% of the total group of respondents. For the group of nursing students it was 6%, for physiotherapy students 5%, for students of medicine and pharmacy 14%. The percentage of respondents who said they would get vaccinated if the vaccinaton was free of charge was also low. Increasing the percentage of people vaccinated against influenza (immunization coverage) is a very important measure in preventing influenza epidemics. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the reasons why people are reluctant to be vaccinated against influenza, particularly among students who will work in the future in the health care services sector.
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  • Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Laboratory of Flow Cytometry, Warsaw, Poland
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