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2013 | 60 | 4 | 835-838
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Poly(acrylic acid-co-methyl methacrylate)/metronidazole systems: synthesis and complexation

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We report on preparation of poly(acrylic acid-co-methyl methacrylate) (PAM) micro- and nanoparticles and, in the subsequent stage, complexation reaction with the active substance - metronidazole (MET). The drug release behavior of MET - loaded PAM micro- and nanoparticles was evaluated in water and phosphate buffered saline (PBS, 0.9% NaCl) at 37ºC. It has been found that introduction of MET into PAM micro- and nanoparticles enabled gradual and controlled release of the active substance. Structural analysis using FT-IR (ATR) and 1H NMR, as well as surface morphology assessment by SEM, were performed.
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  • Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Cracow University of Technology, Kraków, Poland
  • Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Cracow University of Technology, Kraków, Poland
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