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2012 | 59 | 1 | 5-9
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Excited-state dynamics of overlapped optically-allowed 1Bu+ and optically-forbidden 1Bu- or 3Ag- vibronic levels of carotenoids: Possible roles in the light-harvesting function

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Pump-probe spectroscopy after selective excitation of all-trans Cars (n = 9-13) in nonpolar solvent identified a symmetry selection rule of diabatic electronic mixing and diabatic internal conversion, i.e., '1Bu+-to-1Bu- is allowed but 1Bu+-to-3Ag- is forbidden'. Kerr-gate fluorescence spectroscopy showed that this selection rule breaks down, due to the symmetry degradation when the Car molecules are being excited, and, as a result, the 1Bu+-to-3Ag- diabatic electronic mixing and internal conversion become allowed. On the other hand, pump-probe spectroscopy after coherent excitation of the same set of Cars in polar solvent identified three stimulated-emission components (generated by the quantum-beat mechanism), consisting of the long-lived coherent cross term from the 1Bu+ + 1Bu- or 1Bu+ + 3Ag- diabatic pair and incoherent short-lived 1Bu+ and 1Bu- or 3Ag- split incoherent terms. The same type of stimulated-emission components were identified in Cars bound to LH2 complexes, their lifetimes being substantially shortened by the Car-to-BChl singlet-energy transfer. Each diabatic pair and its split components appeared with high intensities in the first component. The low-energy shifts of the 1Bu+(0), 1Bu-(0) and 3Ag-(0) levels and efficient triplet generation were also found.
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  • Faculty of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University, Sanda, Japan
  • Faculty of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University, Sanda, Japan
  • Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Gakuen Higashimachi, Kobe, Japan
  • Christina R, Miki T, Kakitani Y, Aoyagi S, Koyama Y, Limantara L (2009) Energies and excited-state dynamics of 1Bu+, 1Bu- and 3Ag- states of carotenoids bound to LH2 antenna complexes from purple photosynthetic bacteria. Chem Phys Lett 480: 289-295.
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