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2001 | 48 | 1 | 241-249
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Therapeutical effect of modified adamantane copolymer compounds: Study of molecular mechanisms.

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Copolymers of N-polyvinylpyrrolidone-acrylic acid (AB-1) and adamantane derivatives are known to possess marked antiviral activity in in vitro and in ovo models. Among the constructed preparations of AB-1 modified by adamantane derivatives some, especially AB-4 (modified by deitiforin), were found to show more extended antiviral activity and to inhibit markedly virus reproduction in susceptible permissive cell cultures and chicken embryos. In AB-4 treated cells and allantoic sacs, virus titers (influenza virus, herpes virus, and HIV) and virus antigen concentration were decreased. On the other hand, herpes virus-specific thymidine kinase and of DNA-polymerases isolated from Escherichia coli, Plectonema boryanum, and herpes virus type 1 infected murine brain tissue retained their activity after incubation with AB-4 or AB-2. The compounds investigated, in view of their effect on virus reproduction, are thought to be prospective as antiviral agents.
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