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2012 | 19 | 2 | 141-145

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Physical Education Classes with the Schoolgirls of Biała Podlaska Schools


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Introduction. The neglect of the needs and potential of the schoolgirls and the dismissive attitude of the teachers towards the pupils and the PE classes are the main causes of the schoolgirls' reluctance to attend the classes and also their lack of propensity towards physical activity in general. Studies of child and youth opinions towards the PE classes show that a number of factors are to be taken into account. The aim of the paper was to ascertain the opinions of the survey participants towards the realized and model PE class and also to ascertain effective ways of pursuing the PE curricula for girls. The article reveals factors discouraging the schoolgirls and reducing their expectations as far as PE classes are concerned. Material and methods. The material for the study were 314 schoolgirls and 51 teachers from Biała Podlaska elementary, middle and high schools. The paper was based on the study conducted with analysis of a questionnaire form and a survey. The survey was conducted in April, 2011. Results. The information obtained from the questionnaires that were filled in by the schoolgirls were compiled and compared with the data from the surveys given by the teachers working with the schoolgirls. Conclusions. Both the girls and the teachers have a positive attitude towards the PE classes, whilst observing a number of perceived faults. Criticism was aimed at a lack of variety in the classes and that the needs, potential and interests of the girls were not taken into account and also the lack of involvement of the girls in the process of planning and pursuing the classes. The girls responded positively to the 2009 education reform proposals. The PE teachers also endorsed the proposals.










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1 - 11 - 2012
29 - 01 - 2013


  • Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa, ul. Sidorska 95/97, 21-500 Biała Podlaska, Poland
  • Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska, Poland
  • Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska, Poland


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