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2011 | 32 | 4 | 281-290

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Carbon dioxide removal from MEA - water solution on PDMS tubular membrane


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The process of carbon dioxide removal from monoethanolamine (MEA) - water solution was investigated on Poly Di Methyl Siloxane (PDMS) hydrophobic tubular membrane with a ceramic support. The effects of feed temperature, liquid flow rate and MEA concentration on CO2 mass transfer and selectivity were examined and found to be with a reasonable deviation (±25%) with predictions based on the multilayer film model. The membrane resistance was evaluated in separate experiments. The measured CO2 mass fluxes (0.17-0.45 kg/(m2h)) were found to be independent of the MEA concentration in the feed.









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1 - 12 - 2011
15 - 2 - 2012


  • Institute of Chemical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Bałtycka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
  • Institute of Chemical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Bałtycka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
  • Institute of Chemical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Bałtycka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland


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