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2012 | 4 | 2 | 77-83
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An Interaction between Exercise Order and Rest Interval during Lower-Body Resistance Exercise

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Background: The purpose of the present study was to compare the influence of two- and five-minute rest intervals on the number of repetitions per set and total repetitions per exercise for a lower-body workout performed in 2 different sequences.Material/Methods: 12 resistance trained men completed 4 experimental resistance exercise sessions. All sessions consisted of 3 sets with a 10-repetition maximum load for 4 lower-body exercises. Two different exercise sequences (i.e., A or B) were performed with either 2- or 5- minute rest between the sets and the exercises, respectively. The order of exercises for sequence A2 (SEQA2) and sequence A5 (SEQA5) was squat, leg curl, leg extension, and calf raise with 2- and 5-minute rest intervals between the sets and the exercises respectively. Conversely, for sequence B2 (SEQB2) and sequence B5 (SEQB5), the exercises were performed in the opposite order.Results: The results demonstrated a significant decrease from set 1 to set 2 in 3 exercises for SEQA2 and 2 exercises for SEQB2; from set 1 to set 3 in all exercises for SEQA2 and SEQB2, 3 exercises for SEQA5, and 2 exercises for SEQB5; and from set 2 to set 3 in 3 exercises for SEQA2, 2 exercises for SEQB2, and 1 exercise for SEQB5 (p<0.05). In addition, the total number of completed repetitions was significantly different (p<0.05) between sequences for squat (SEQA5 > SEQA2 > SEQB5 > SEQB2), leg curl (SEQA5 = SEQB5 > SEQA2 = SEQB2), leg extension (SEQA5 = SEQB5 = SEQB2 > ASEQA2), and calf raise (SEQB5 > SEQB2 = SEQA5 > SEQA2).Conclusions: The results indicate that during a lower-body workout reductions in the number of repetitions are greater for exercises performed at the end of the sequences, and the influence of the different rest interval lengths may depend on the position of the exercise in a sequence.
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1 - 1 - 2012
2 - 7 - 2012
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