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2012 | 4 | 1 | 35-43

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A Profile of Adriana Dadci's Individual Technical-Tactical Preparation



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Background: Since the first women's judo championships in 1980 work connected with an analysis and an assessment of their preparation has been carried on. Polish and foreign researchers have determined the particulars of women's technical-tactical preparation (TTP). Adrianna Dadci was Poland's representative in women's judo, who successfully participated in many international competitions. She won the gold medal at the European Championships in 2002 and took the 3rd place at the European championships in 2001. She won five times at international tournaments within 2002-2004, which are now known as the World Cups. She was the Champion of Poland seven times. The purpose of this research was to determine Adrianna Dadci's, one of the best Polish judo competitors, individual profile of technical-tactical preparation.Material/Methods: 123 contests played by Adranna Dadci within 2002-2004 during 33 judo sport competitions were analyzed (119 contests were subject to analysis).Results: Dadci efficiently performed 146 attacks gaining 1047 referee's points. She effectively used 20 judo techniques. The ouchi gari and an uchimata throws were her favorite techniques, effectively executed by the right side of her body as well as the juji gatame armlock. She was very efficient in executing katame waza techniques (grappling techniques) and ashi waza (leg throws).Conclusions: A profile of technical-tactical preparation of one of the best women's judo competitors is an important factor in determining the standard value.Adriana Dadci's value of indices (TTP) may be used as a criterion for controlling individual training in women's judo competitors.









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1 - 1 - 2012
4 - 4 - 2012


  • Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk, Poland


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