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2011 | 30 | 85-97

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Application of Platelet Rich Plasma in Sports Medicine


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Any new method of treatment is associated with high expectations for its success, particularly if the therapy is based not only on the premise of achieving a symptomatic effect, but also improving functional quality and repairing structurally damaged tissues. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) application was shown to be a successful catalyst in the healing process for a wide variety of conditions in animal and human models. However, its use has been controversial due to many types of the PRP definition, optimal concentration, and modalities of implementation. In the qualification of patients for PRP treatment, not only should medical indications be considered, but also the role of participation in therapy with a physiotherapist supervising physical parameters and techniques used during recovery time. Further study is required in order to define optimal handling procedures of PRP injection. Long-term follow up will reveal if the promise of this substance can be realized and implemented to maximize its potential as a therapeutic remedy.







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1 - 12 - 2011
25 - 12 - 2011


  • Galen Orthopaedics, Bieruń, Poland
  • Department of Physiological, Medical Science Academy of Physical Education, Katowice, Poland
  • Galen Orthopaedics, Bieruń, Poland
  • Department of Physical Culture and Health Promotion, University of Szczecin, Poland


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