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2008 | 19 | 53-62

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Differences in Peripheral Perception between Athletes and Nonathletes



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In team games, due to the great number of stimuli, perceptive skills have a cardinal significance, especially in players' anticipation and decisionmaking processes. The aim of this study was to compare peripheral perception of handball players (n=16) and nonathletes (n=16) of the same age. A comparative analysis involves abilities connected with general visual functions - such as the field of vision (hardware system) and reaction time to visual stimuli (software system). Peripheral perception was examined using the peripheral perception test included in the Vienna Test System (Schuhfried, Austria). The results show that the examined groups did not differ in regards to visual functions connected with the peripheral field of vision and the correctness of stimuli recognition. Handball players had a significantly shorter response time to stimuli appearing in the peripheral field of vision compared to nonathletes.







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1 - 1 - 2008
24 - 10 - 2008


  • Institute of Physical Culture, University of Szczecin, Poland


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