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2011 | 66 | 37-46
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Synthesis and characterization of Pt/CeOx systems for catalytic CO oxidation reaction

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Four different ceria supported catalyst were prepared by impregnation method with Pt(NO3)2 solution. The two supports are commercially available (MaTeck) and the other two were prepared by precipitation and microwave assisted hydrothermal method (MAH) respectively. The phase composition and average crystallite size of the catalysts were characterised with XRD technique. Finally the catalytic activity in CO oxidation reaction were determined in plug flow reactor in temperature range 300-900 K with 1 K resolution. The catalysts obtained in both precipitation and MAH methods exhibit catalytic activity at room temperature whereas catalysts obtained on MaTeck supports are not active at those conditions. In turn, catalysts based on MaTeck support are more active in temperature range 420-700 K. The different activities are attributed to difference in average crystallite sizes and in support morphology.
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1 - 1 - 2011
19 - 12 - 2011
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