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2009 | 10 | 1 | 64-66

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Pseudo-Fans - The Analysis of the Phenomenon of Polish Football Hooliganism



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We have witnessed many intriguing social phenomena at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Researchers of physical culture and sport, especially those interested in philosophical and social aspects of events, are likely to come across many surprising situations resulting from the dynamic development of social reality. Sport has undoubtedly become one of the factors that have a great influence on numerous social occurrences. From among various phenomena related to sport the author analyses the one which has riveted the attention of many people interested in sport - the stigmatization of contemporary sport by hooliganism. This problem may seem to concern mainly football (Am. soccer), but unfortunately it occurs in other disciplines as well. Although the phenomenon reaches the edges of sport and is still just within its margins, it appears necessary to conduct thorough research on it.











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1 - 6 - 2009
8 - 6 - 2009


  • Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Chair of the Humanistic Foundations of Physical Culture, University School of Physical Education, Poznań, Poland


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