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2011 | 83 | 10 | 562-567

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Multifocal Colorectal Adenocarcinoma with a Synchronous Multifocal Carcinoid of the Small Intestine - Case Report and Literature Review


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The paper presents a case report of coexisting multifocal colorectal cancer and multifocal carcinoid of the small intestine. Our literature review did not demonstrate any report of such case. We emphasize necessity of careful inspection of abdominal cavity during any surgical procedure since small lesions, in particular in the small intestine, may be omitted - as was the case during the initial colectomy in our case. Current epidemiological data are also presented and standards of management for diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal carcinoid.









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1 - 10 - 2011
21 - 12 - 2011


  • Department of Surgical Oncology, Oncology Center, M. Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Institute in Cracow
  • Department of Surgical Oncology, Oncology Center, M. Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Institute in Cracow
  • Department of Surgical Oncology, Oncology Center, M. Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Institute in Cracow


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