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2008 | 80 | 3 | 132-138

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Treatment of Vascular Complications After Kidney Transplantation


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The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of occurrence and treatment methods of early vascular complications after kidney transplantation.Material and methods. A retrospective analysis comprised of 245 patients subjected to kidney transplantation during the period between 1998 and 2006 in our department. Of these, 236 patients received organs from deceased donors, while nine patients received organs from living donors. The occurrence of vascular complications and the diagnostic and treatment methods used were determined for each patient. Patients operated on during the period between 1998 and 2001 were compared to those operated on between 2002 and 2006.Results. Twenty-two patients presented with vascular complications after kidney transplantation. The following were observed: bleeding (6.1%), anastomotic stenosis (1.2%), renal vein thrombosis (0.81%), renal artery thrombosis (0.4%), and false aneurysm of the renal artery (0.4%). Nineteen patients underwent surgery, and two required intravascular procedures while one was subjected to conservative treatment. Good treatment results were obtained in 17 patients, while five patients had the transplanted kidney removed.Seventy-eight transplantations were performed in the first four years (1998-2001). In that period, vascular complications occurred in 13 patients (17%). During the following four years (2002-2006) we transplanted 167 patients, and vascular complications were observed in nine patients (5%). Statistical analysis showed a significant reduction (p=0.004-test chi2) in the number of vascular complications during the latter period.Conclusions. As surgeons gain experience treating transplant recipients, the number of vascular complications decreases. Diagnostics and treatment depends on the early visualization of complications by means of Doppler ultrasound and angio-MRI examinations. The use of intravascular techniques could be an effective and safe therapeutic method in the case of vascular complications.








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1 - 3 - 2008
7 - 4 - 2008


  • Department of Gastroenterological Surgery and Transplantology, CSK MSWiA
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine, CSK MSWiA
  • Department of Gastroenterological Surgery and Transplantology, CSK MSWiA
  • Department of General and Vascular Surgery, CSK MSWiA
  • Department of Gastroenterological Surgery and Transplantology, CSK MSWiA


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