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2007 | 79 | 12 | 779-784

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Splenic Site Abscess as a Symptom of Colorectal Carcinoma - Case Report


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Splenic abscess occurs only rarely. However, in recent years its frequency has been growing, which is related not only to the improvement in diagnostics but also to the increasingly common problem of immunosuppression caused by multiple factors and the occurrence of diabetes in the population. This paper presents a case of splenic flexure carcinoma, which was manifested clinically by a splenic site abscess and earlier probably by splenic abscess. Its aetiology was not specified after splenectomy had been carried out at the local hospital; only symptomatic treatment was applied. Due to the low occurrence of splenic abscess and non-specific clinical symptoms, doctors must show a great deal of prudence and alertness to make the right diagnosis. Furthermore, knowing that the presence of such lesions in the spleen is a consequence of other local or distant pathogenic processes, appropriate management and treatment of such patients requires investigating the cause and specifying the aetiology of the abscess. Failure to do so exposes the patient to the danger of serious consequences, frequently making early and successful treatment of many diseases, including neoplasms in the abdominal cavity, impossible.








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1 - 12 - 2007
11 - 2 - 2008


  • 1st Clinic of Surgical Oncologyand General Surgery, I Wielkopolska Cancer Center, Poznań
  • 1st Clinic of Surgical Oncologyand General Surgery, I Wielkopolska Cancer Center, Poznań
  • 1st Clinic of Surgical Oncologyand General Surgery, I Wielkopolska Cancer Center, Poznań


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