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2008 | 10 | 1 | 28-30
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The effect of pH on the sorption of copper ions by alginates

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The effect of pH on copper ions sorption by alginates has been investigated. The granules of the sorbent obtained from sodium alginate (type DMF, manufactured by KELCO) have been applied. By using a new method of gelation a biosorbent containing from 11.3 to 20.3% mas. of alginate has been produced. Investigations have been carried out at a constant temperature of 25°C and the pH values ranging from 3 to 5. The obtained experimental results have been described by the Langmuir equation. It has been found that with the increasing pH of the solution the maximum biosorbent sorption capacity increased.
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1 - 1 - 2008
3 - 4 - 2008
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