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2007 | 9 | 3 | 101-104

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Comparison of the methods of the phase transfer catalysis and hydroperoxide in the epoxidation of 1,5,9-cyclododecatriene


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The process of the epoxidation of cis, trans, trans-1,5,9-cyclododecatriene (CDT) to 1,2-epoxy-5,9-cyclododecadiene (ECDD) with the 30% aqueous hydrogen peroxide under the phase transfer conditions and with tert-butyl hydroperoxide under the homogeneous conditions was investigated. Onium salts such as Aliquat® 336, Arquad® 2HT, methyltrioctylammonium bromide and the Na2WO4/H3PO4 catalyst system are very active under the phase transfer catalysis (PTC) conditions for the selective epoxidation of cis, trans, trans-1,5,9-cyclododecatiene (PTC method). These catalytic systems were found to be as active and selective as the homogeneous phase system Mo(CO)6/TBHP (hydroperoxide method).









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1 - 1 - 2007
6 - 11 - 2007


  • Institute of Organic Chemical Technology, Szczecin University of Technology, Pulaskiego 10, 70-322 Szczecin, Poland


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