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2011 | 6 | 5 | 640-644

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Laparoscopic myotomy or pneumatic dilatation for achalasia treatment?


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1 - 10 - 2011
9 - 8 - 2011


  • Clinic of Surgery of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania
  • Clinic of Surgery of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania
  • Clinic of Surgery of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania
  • Clinic of Surgery of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania
  • Clinic of Gastroenterology of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania
  • Clinic of Gastroenterology of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania
  • Clinic of Gastroenterology of Kaunas Medical University, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas, 50009, Lithuania


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